THE FINAL VIDEO OF THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON IS NOW AVAILABLE. Scroll to the bottom of the page or click here. If you haven’t seen any of the videos, welll…. The Waddles have been getting a lot of attention from the media, from their adoring fans and from their adoring selves.  We are presenting a series of videos to further acquaint you with the mud and snails, the genius and despair…. okay, there’s no despair, mostly fun.  The videos are best watched in order, so they’re listed here oldest first.

1) The Waddles : Rockin’ Around

Here are The Waddles giving you a taste of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Watch out for ‘fly-bys’ of Pete Worst, their ex-drummer. We’ll tell you more about Pete real soon.

2) The Waddles Get Mobbed

Waddles fans getting a little out of control.  They adore those ducks!!  And watch for Pete – he’s still trying to get back into the band after some pretty bad behavior back in the day.  You can read about it in the bios.

3) The Waddles Backstage!

A glimpse of the 4 famous ducks as they spend a little time together before their upcoming Christmas concert.


4) Waddles Historian, Angus McBeakers

Angus McBeakers, noted music critic and Waddles Historian shares his thoughts on the changes we’ve seen in the Waddles and the changes they’ve brought to the music scene.

5) The Waddles in Concert at Royal Albert Pond

Finally, some concert footage of The Waddles performing at Royal Albert Pond. It’s a splashing good time!

6) John Lennon speaks out about The Waddles

7) The Waddles in the studio and some lessons for the human assistants

7) The Waddles “Coming Home for Christmas” contains a heart warming appearance by Pete Worst who has been seeking forgiveness (or at least a spot in the band) ever since his reprehensible behavior back in the day. The Waddles have generously given him a guest spot in the video. It is Christmas after all!

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